5 easy steps to build your Self-Confidence – Mental Health Help with Kati Morton



Today I talk about five simple steps we can take to build our own self-confidence. I know many of these will seem really silly or too simple to make any impact, but I promise that if you try at least one of these, you will begin to feel a change! So let's get going!!

5 Simple Steps to Building a Better Self-Confidence
1. Personal Grooming
2. Think Positively
3. Act Positively
4. Get Prepared
5. Setting small achievable goals



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    1. That is such a thinking mistake. That’s your own perception. I guarantee that’s not how it is. That’s your low mood tricking your brain into thinking that’s the case.

    2. LionRS2014
      Being negative is NOT a way to live life in a healthy way. Listen to her she is “on the money”

  1. My self confidence comes from being around my friends. When I’m around my buddies I’m a social butterfly. When I’m not, I’m the world’s biggest introvert.

    1. Vic Vinegar II I totally agree, except I moved away and don’t have many friends where I live now….putting myself out there isn’t easy because making “new” friends can be scary and ultimately it’s a trust thing until we learn if people are trustworthy, honest. As for more “personal” relationships, I am married and looking for help in pointing out things that need to change. Hoping Kati might cover some issues I need to better my marriage.

  2. I really had to do fake it till you make it. That one helps a lot. You make me feel very positive. I have started watching 2 videos every day. I am setting 2 goals for this week. So glad you’ re here sharing your positive outlook and tips with us. Blessings.

  3. Hi Kate, I watch your videos, they are good for my recovery. Thank you for making videos. Regards, Subbu.

  4. Such great advice! I love finding new ways to build the right tools in order to believe in myself. Thanks so much!

  5. You’re absolutely right about being positive! But how can I help others. For example my niece and my daughter are beautiful and smart but they both have really negative attitudes… my niece gets mad when I try to get her to see the positive side of things and my daughter said “why are you encouraging me when I suck” also said “why do I have to be nice all the time” How can I stay positive with all the negativity and how can I share my positivity?

  6. are the re any ways to make myself confidence  without acting positively?feel bad about myself because I could nt do that

  7. The best in video is about preparation. I think it could help me n lots of other people who are sometimes don’t know why there doesn’t get satisfactory results from anything. ✌really nice😍😘👑

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