5 Indian Lunch Box Ideas | Quick & Healthy Lunch Box Recipes



Hi Everyone
In this video I have shared 5 Indian healthy lunch box recipes .These are kids lunch box ideas and are quick lunch box recipes.If you want you can prepare some stuff the night before so that your mornings are easy .I have kept in mind that the recipes are healthy .The recipes which I shared are
1)Aloo carrot sandwich 2) paneer spinach paratha pizza 3)mix veg Chella 4) Fruit Sandwich 5) Healthy Upma

The Lids which I have used is
Charles Viancin Lilypad Lid – Extra Large 13"

Lunch Box

Bentgo Kids – Leakproof Children's Lunch Box (Purple)

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  1. Salaam didi, I live in California and the school lunches are really bad. I give my kids home made lunch but they don’t have microwave for the kids to use because of safety issues. Your lunch ideas are really great and helpful. Keep up the great work. πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

    1. Zahra 786 thanks dear I have the same problem so I never give her any thing which becomes hard after some time.😘😊😊

  2. Excellent video…I am sure many Moms would be benefited. As a variation, you can also try doing a variety of healthy wraps, which I always find useful( read 17 years of packing school/ college lunch). Usually store bought whole wheat tortillas or home made rotis do well for it. As a spread I use either a homemade hummus , plain or flavored, or a green chutney, or a onion garlic peanut chutney that goes well with idli dosas and then add the protein, non veg or paneer, or some leftover veg kebab, kofta, stir fry, tikkis, add lot of julienned bell peppers, onions, whatever goes well with your child, a dash of salt, pepper or chat masala to keep it tasty even when cold. Wrap it tight. Toast it lightly on a hot tawa, drizzled with olive oil. Halve it and wrap it if required. Ready to pack . It remains soft, healthy, and tasty. You can try and let me know if Rai likes it.

  3. U r a magical super MOM .😍i m not married but definitely i’ll keep this video for my future kidsπŸ€— 10 /10 …..love u

  4. U say bye really in a very sweet tone like a kid. I feel when u speaks u have a rasagulla in u r mouth . Very sweet may be u r because u r Bengali nd bengalis are always sweet. God u dear.

  5. Really helpful I m glad that I subscribed you, u are really jewel. Although my kid is too small for school however all these recipes will definitely help me on that time. Kids always need new, mouth watering and property presented plater so such recipes are healthy simultaneously all will boost their taste buds craving 😍😍 thank you Payal lots of love for rai

  6. Hey payal. I am ur fan now. I feel ur kitchen is mine. And your steel pan, i am cooking in it. Pls post daily. I live in Chicago and i feel less lonely after watching your video. May everyone br blessed to have a family like u have ..god bless

  7. ❣Hi, Payal, again: this isn’t for kids only, I like each and every one of them, too;-). I’ll have a strawberry bread today, as my hubby brought some strawberries yesterday…thank you for breakfast;-). I’ve never eaten fruit on bread, but I often make jam…so why not fresh fruit? Thank you for your inspiration, I’ll try it with some kids of the family, too… Love, Monika❣

    1. +Monika Marsollek thanks Dear how are you .I was thinking about you yesterday and I thought but may be you are in a trip.How r you dear.I know fruits in bread sounds crazy but it taste really good especially with strawberry.Rai was saying me the same thing when I made for her but at the end she loved it. It’s turning cold here how is the weather there.Love from New York 🍁🍁🍁

    2. Hi, Payal, I found that answer only by luck. .usually I get a mail!? Thank you for asking, I got the flu:-( . .but I’m already better. The weather is ‘autumnly’ with wind and a lot of rain. I sent you a message with the photo of my strawberry bread recently, really delicious! Hope you are all well, have a coloured and mild autumn, love, Monika❣

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