Bhumi Pednekar secret Diet Plan For Weight Loss | How to Lose Weight Fast 10 kg | Celebrity Diet



Bhumi Pednekar Diet Plan For Weight Loss हिंदी में| How to Lose Weight Fast 10kgs | Celebrity Diet

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  1. haa yea bilkul sach hai mainai v same tarekai sai aapna wait kam keya hai 4 month mai 30kg bena kese ki help k…..sirf internet ko apana teacher bana k…..

    1. Sunita Beriwal agar soch pakki ho to aap kuch v kar saktai hai…..mai eak housewife hu chotai town mai rahti hu jada kuch nhi melta yaha jim v nhi fir v agar mai karsakti hu then everybody can do it

    2. Nazlee Khodabux thanks dear.. plz lets clear my one question that is jumping is reason for sagging breasts…?

    1. Aap protein ke liye aur cheeze kha sakti ho. Eggs pasand hai toh egg whites. Agar pure vegetarian ho toh try soybean wadiya (nutrella), tofu agar available ho, daal- moong, masar, whole moong.

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  5. Aap kya papa he un ke Jo sap vateee pata he yr… Morning khana ….diner lunch… sab bate kaisee ..ham …bileve kare ….

  6. भाई उनका नाम भुमी पेडणेकर है पादनेकर नही

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