Bill OReilly’s ‘Killing Patton’ Movie Gets Killed By Fox’s NatGeo

Bill OReillys film Killing Patton has officially been killed.

According to The Hollywood Reporter,OReillys latest movie adaptation of his best-selling Killing book series has been scrapped by the National Geographic Channel but apparently not for the reasons youre thinking.

Despite multiple sexual harassment claims against him, and Fox News, which is also owned by 21st Century Fox, severing ties with OReilly, NatGeo told THR the movie was just a difficult project to crack creatively.

The statement continued, Like most projects in development, it didnt go the distance, so we passed on it.

The movie, which is about World War II General George S. Patton, was announced in 2015 and scheduled to premiere in 2019. Four of OReillys other Killing films Killing Jesus, Killing Kennedy, Killing Reagan and Killing Lincoln have reportedly done well for NatGeo since 2013.THR called them ratings drivers.

Still, the network reportedly did not mention the allegations against OReilly in its statement. So, yeah, Killing Pattonwas just tough to crack creatively. Sure. Totally.

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