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When I saw in the news recently Halle Berry announced she went Keto , a lot of people said "here we go, here's another celebrity fad diet." I wanted to talk about the science behind ket, her nutritional background, why she chose it as well as if it's right for you.

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  1. I really need to just pay for a meal plan with you. My personal trainer doesn’t like the idea of ketogenic diet, but I feel better not eating a lot of carbs. I struggle with belly bloat and water retention. no matter how hard i work out,I always have a belly. ugh! thinking ketogenic may be able to blast it off.

    1. Christy Parrott thank you for sharing. I love all of her videos and thought I could pick up on these tips and do it myself, but I need to just DO IT :)

    2. Julie Rushing Definitely do! I also have the low carb plan. It is a great start to a lifestyle change. If you can, invest in your health and give GaugeGirl a try.

    3. isobel64 the turn around time for custom plans is 10 business days. Please note that weekends and holidays do not count as business days. We look forward to supporting your goals!

  2. Wow, I didn’t know about her! Good for her! I’m living the Paleo/Keto lifestyle for 3 years now and I’ve cured my Leaky gut and IBS. I recommend this diet to anyone that has metabolic damage and conditions, as well as sensitivity to grains and gluten like myself!

  3. What body type is she? Like endomorph? Something like that, like would this diet be good for a endomorph

  4. I decided June 1st I would try keto and omg! I’ve lost 32 lbs. so far! I feel so so much better mentally and physically. I have 10 more lbs until I reach my goal. :)

  5. Hey christine, i am insulin resistant and am wondering if it is only possible to lose fat on keto or any form of lower carb diet.

  6. Does your low carb protocol that you sell on your website include any vegetarian meal plans? Do you think its reasonable/possible for a vegetarian (who eats eggs & dairy products, no meat or fish) to go keto? Almost all my protein sources except for protein powder come with a substantial amount of carbs

  7. Everytime I say I’m doing the keto . My boyfriend buys me brownies fries pizza . I’ve really seen some success with it but I kick myself out everytime 🙄

  8. 👍🏽🌹… I read about Halle Berry going Keto recently. Definitely a smart move for her. She told Oprah years ago about her diabetes.

    People really should do their research first. It isn’t a fad diet at all from what you are saying and the information I found….I do have my own story to tell about a Ketogenic way of eating.

    Im a nursing mother and my baby is 3 months. Before becoming pregnant, I did Keto for a month or so and I never felt better. My question is; Can live a Keto life style while nursing? Would it affect my milk supply or baby?

  10. I read some years ago that Halle was diagnosed with being borderline diabetic and that was a wake up call for her. With low carbs I could see the advantages for people who are diabetic. She is a gorgeous looking woman indeed.

  11. Hey Christine! I know you have a vegan meal plan, but was just wondering how balanced it was in terms of macro ratios? I feel amazing eating a whole foods plant based diet, but I also want to know a good macro ratio for losing weight while still being vegan. I was wondering if you could give me a starting point.

    Also….is vegan keto a possible thing or is it as far fetched as it sounds? Lol.

  12. Is it possible to go keto as a vegan? If so I’m assuming it’s pretty hard though since most vegan foods are relatively high in carbs

  13. Thank you for the FREE meal plan! I’ve watched you for awhile now and without having any actual labs done I am almost sure I am insulin resistant. I was dx with PCOS many years ago, struggled to conceive, both of my sisters are on thyroid medicine and the list goes on an on. I am barely 5’1 on a good day and I constantly bounce between 150 and 170 unless I remove carbs. There is no reason I should be this heavy when I do try to exercise (light-moderate) but I know I eat too much sugar and bad carbs.

    I need to try this with 100% investment and see what happens…additionally, isn’t being super heavy in the gut area your description of endomorphe (sp)? I can’t thank you enough for your shared wisdom on here and I think I’ve told you this before in a post but being a medical student I am drawn to you over the other hundreds of resources on here because you back up what you say with FACTS/SCIENCE (makes you credible and trustworthy)! thank you thank you thank you! I hope you are having a wonderful day!!! xoxoxoxox

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