Diablo 3 Torment 6 – Leap-health globe maniac build -solo Barbarian



Diablo 3 Torment 6 – Leap-health globe maniac build -solo Barbarian
Lut socks: 3 leap before cd
Razor strop belt: area damage/health globe (325%, 20 yard)
Globe generator skills (hammer, threating shout, ground stomp)

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  1. Hey. Nice build and gratz on being picked by blizz :) Whats the name of the band/music playing in the video?

    1. Musics:
      Daniel Barbosa: Help Yourself
      Dag Reinbott: Rock On
      Daniel Barbosa: . demolition man
      Pierre Langer: clear the way
      Pierre Gerwig Langer: What Happened

      “Royalty free” musics. Proudmusiclibrary says: “not registered with a PRO” :)

    1. Mammoths and sabertooth tigers…
      Date: March 22, 2014
      Diablo 3 RoS release date: March 25, 2014
      Classic/Vanilia gameplay :)

  2. kijjeza a béna! levele! levele! levele! – kántálja a tömeg. :’D tudtam én, h egyszer felfedeznek! :’)

    1. Max vektoros értelemben:
      – Nem… ezt nem szabad… ezt nem lehet
      – Akkor felfedeznek Neon. Akkor felfedez Kozsó :)

  3. does this build focus on dying vs elite packs?
     and you guys on softcore wonder why you die so much… maybe its because of “unique” builds like this, and doing content you are clearly not ready for :D

    1. No, this is vanilia version goodbye party (or anti no-brain casual build. Or anti copy-paste clone build).  Softcore-hardcore? Lol. If i want play “hardcore” game I will play starcraft or other RTS. Diablo is tipical softcore game. Diablo is easy casual friendly game. 

  4. why is this horrible crappy build featured? worst spec i have ever seen in my life wtf

  5. oh man. this build sucks. i can do better with others build and more cheap.. 9min to do 1 quest really not worth. 

    1. I can do better… with other builds, lvl 70 items in lvl 60 T6 games. :)
      It’s “Fun” build. We can do it. Not effective, but fun… Vanilia Diablo is crap.
      You can see other RoS (!) videos. Fire ranged barbarian and physical avalanche-hammer barbarian are more effective build. :)

  6. nice music , why make a “fun” build around kinda crappy item ? i mean Harrington dwarfs this belt

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