Ellen Caught A Guest Stealing And Promptly Roasted Her

One free item means one.

To celebrate her shows 14th season,Ellen DeGeneres decided to give audience members some items from The Ellen DeGeneres Showgift shop. The instructions were clear and courteous: Please pick 1 item to commemorate your visit.Only 1 per person please.

DeGeneres also set up a hidden camera by the giveaway table to see just how honest her audience was. (Trust, after all, is the most important factor in a relationship.) In a video posted to YouTube last week, we see that most turned out to be very honest, but one guest named Nancy had some sticky fingers.


The host called out Nancy for grabbing too many goods.

Youre the kind of person that, when you go trick-or-treating and nobodys home, you dont just take one piece of candy, you take the bowl, she joked, and then made it a teaching moment.

Let that be a lesson to you. You think nobodys watching you, and you just need to be a good person … You go sit in that Ellen chair right now.

Pro tip for future guests: Ellen is always watching.

CORRECTION:This article has been changed to reflect that video of the thievery was shared last week, but the giveaway was staged to celebrate Season 14, which kicked off last year.

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