ESO – 50,000+ Health DK Tank Build “The Talon Tank”



To see this tank in action check out the following dungeon videos:

Elden Hollow:

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  1. Ehhh, no Molten Weapons is a huge group DPS loss, or not having Aggressive Warhorn as a tank.

    1. +Nemer Khalaf This is SeraWillow. BillBlazin makes the videos. I will make sure he knows you commented and maybe you two can discuss this further? I’m thinking it may be helpful to other viewers :) Thanks for watching.

  2. Okay so I’m starting off new on the xb1 as a nord do you have any recommendations to change in this build before I use it?

    1. not really, i actually am using a nord now for my tank and he actually ends up with more health than the imperial, plus i think the nord has some very helpful racial passives, i will be doing an updated video this week so hopefully that will answer any questions. thanks for watching and if u would like to see any specific builds please let me know

    2. How does a Nord have more health than an Imperial when the only variable is race? Imperial has a 12% buff and Nord has 9%. 12>9.

  3. Do you find that 15k stamina is too low?
    With all your resistances plus Armour Master and the changes in DB with the heavy passives do’nt you think you can sacrifice about 10k health for stamina which also helps with blocking thus living longer.

    1. Im sure it could b ran that way, but i use magicka just as much as i use stamina, i dont bash, but resource management is easy with a dk because of the earthen heart passives, so i actually dont have a problem with it, please watch this tank in action on my channel with runs through spindleclutch and elden hollow, both vr 16, thanks for the input and for watching.

    1. it is great at everything, especially pve, i dont do much pvp but the build will definately work over there.

    2. cyberDragon sword It won’t work pvp. You will run out of resources way too fast and players that know how to play the game will just keep CC’ing you until you’re drained. It’s good for pvp but honesty I’m an argonian stam dk I have 30k health and 30k stam 15k magicka and running 5 black rose 2 blood spawn 3 agility and 2 fury on sword and board bar and 2h nirnhoned sword. I can put out over 3.4k damage and my heals are so good I can tank a 10 person group with no issues. And I can still dish out damage. If you’re going to pvp you need to have sustain. With this you have to run in group with a Templar to give you shards if you don’t you’ll get smacked.

    3. Gamer Evolved Good build though if you run with a well coordinated group. I however play solo so I want to make sure I can do something on my own and not have to rely on other people.

  4. Awesome build! I am new to ESO and play on Xbone as well and have a few questions for you. Your stats are unbuffed, as I read that in a previous comment. Are you getting all of that Health from having health on all armor pieces, plus the set bonuses? I am only CP82 on my Nord and have only done a couple dungeons so far, so I am still learning, but I am at about 29k health with 64 Health and armor bonuses. I too believe more health=more survivability, so I want to get as much as I can. Cheers!

    1. i get my health from a few places, having the Armor Master 5 piece set helps, i do have all max health enchantments, i also run 3 piece endurance jewelry all with the healthy trait, plus the undaunted passives. thanks for watching and if u have any more questions please let me know.

    1. yeah, i dont have that open yet but i want to get it, i just dont play much pvp, mostly trials and dsa. thanks for watching.

    1. +Gamer Evolved yeah bro i feel your pain XD you should try the imperium set bro, its good for trails :P

  5. what other armor set to craft while i can finish getting the nine traits? that is.good for tanking and that build?

    1. i would say Alessia’s or Hist Bark would be very decent, also, engine guardian can b a really good way to help manage resources.

    2. Gamer Evolved could you recommend me anything I just started playing eso today and I need help choosing a good class if not I’ll just slowly build my up to your build

  6. Im running a similar build with a maximum of 6k health recovery and 45k health. im focusing on PvP so im using the heavy armor skill Unmoveable, Green Dragon Blood, Puncture, Ignious Shield and Spiked Armor, i have the standing stone the lord for extra health recovery and health recovery drinks. the armor im using is blue heavy, 5 orgnums scales, 1 engine guardian and 3 random blue armor pieces i found in dungeons.
    i also put all my green champ points into health recovery. the regen is really helpful

    1. ayy lmao can you help me I’m new to elders rolls could you recommend me any classes that may be good for a starter?

  7. My DK has 63k health (to 70k health, 56k in PvE) 31k of each resistance and deals out 3k base weapon damage 2.6k spell damage (not putting into account CP or buffs) 22% crit chance your health recovery is a LOT more than mine though but we share almost the exact same stats for stam and mag, nice build though (: I like hearing how other people come up with max health builds…but malubeth ugh I hate that set with a passion lol (no hate towards you) I just see everybody and their mothers running around with it and slap it it on any build XD tho now its Veldreth or Tremorscale people go with. Overall I liked the video good work.

  8. Aye great video man, I’m making my first dk tank and I’ve looked through a lot of videos and I liked your the most. I really enjoyed how you went through the skills and everything while you showed the so I could understand what I need. Thanks man.๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿผ

  9. Now you just made me make a health build (im level 15 orc same class and skills as you) and so far ive only died twice(bosses) and man this is way better than my templar my shield blocks almost all damage

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