ESO TANK/DPS- DK Hybrid Imperial build 63k-70k Health 31K of each resistance “The Health Knight”



My personal build is now posted lol do with it what you will XD, So in this video i'll tell you exactly how to make this build step by step and even give tips on how to use it and special combos you can do. I just tried to be as thorough as possible so if you still have any questions just go ahead and let me know. This DK is a Hybrid health knight able to dish out damage as easily as he can take it! but spend your stam and magicka well or you might have trouble…but then again thats what the tri potions are for (;

1:05 – Armor and sets
3:46 – Skills and morphs
12:33 – Passives
20:36 – Champion points
25:21 – Food and potions
26:48 – Character sheet
29:09 – PvP Example
30:42 – PvE example
32:12 – Final notes/thoughts

The Health Knight was once apart of the Alessian Empire before it fell to the deadra and was renowned as one of the strongest and capable Imperials ever to join the empire. Now he wears the armor of the enemy to mock them, and make infiltration into the now fallen Imperial city easer.

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  1. Guys if you still have any questions about my build go ahead and ask either here or send me a msg on Xbox my GT is: WEREWOLF457

    1. WEREWOLF457 bro i dont have the tri-food or potions yet but this is the most fun ive probably ever had in blackwater and I cant wait also to try this out in haderus 👍🏻

  2. If you guys want to see the build in action even more give the channel a look I have plenty of PvP videos involving him and even some of him in PvE dungeons like VET “imperial city prison” or VET maelstrom arena VET Hel Ra Citadel and VET DSA, and don’t forget to subscribe for more as well because I will be putting out my “Evil WEREWEOLF457” cancer build once it’s done so stay tuned for that as well 😉

  3. So I recently got asked what set a person looking to use this build should substitute if they cannot obtain the “Clever Alchemist”
    at the moment, If this is your case as well I suggest using the “Ashen grip” set as it is the one I ran until I was able to craft the “clever alchemist” and if you cannot obtain Fasalla’s Guile” jewelry then it can be substituted with the “Endurance” necklace and rings for the meantime. If you need help getting the “Clever Alchemist” set and your on xbox and you have the materials for it then just send me an xbox msg and i’ll craft you what I can in the “Clever Alchemist” set which is the sword-bow-shield-hands-and legs.

  4. one last thing is that I’d like to thank everyone for the positive feedback and I’m glad you guys enjoyed the build I really did work hard on it and it took FOREVER to get just right and I can’t wait until more CP is added to the game that way I can put points into “crit resistance” and “take less poison damage over time” those will really make the build an ABSOLUTE beast in PvP even more than it is already. And I know the build isn’t the metta so it means a lot that so many people like it, and don’t worry the build is highly resistant to the developers “nerfing” abilities and sets in fact it only gets stronger with every update, the build does demand some skill and knowledge of how PvP works so it just takes some time to get used to but I swear its SOOO much fun to play with this build and I’m so happy that my first character was my main. Anyway one last time thank you so much for all the support and remember to stay creative and stay original! :D

  5. 1:05 – Armor and sets
    3:46 – Skills and morphs
    12:33 – Passives
    20:36 – Champion points
    25:21 – Food and potions
    26:48 – Character sheet
    29:09 – PvP Example
    30:42 – PvE example
    32:12 – Final notes/thoughts

    1. werewolf , a question, can the epaulets and helmet be changed to a monster helm that does better work?

    2. Unless you plan on replacing the set with the mighty chudan helmet and pauldrons that’s the only set that 100% adds more than you already have

    1. xNozzLe- there’s a gold vendor in Cyrodiil who appears at your alliances gate every weekend she might have the jewelry for sale for 200k alliance points each or 100k gold each

  6. Seems funny against players that don’t fight back a lot but i doubt you’ll be able to do anything against a decent player. You’ll be out of recourses in no time.

    1. Malakith Alamahdi- hello lol I have fought tons and tons of player good and bad I suggest taking a look at the channel okay 👍

    1. yeah I re qatched it 3 times and finaly saw it thanks for responding I tired to delete the comment but youtube wouldn’t let me thanks for the build

  7. Hey man i just started playing following you build and so far i love it, quick question though, when i use my Voliate Armor it doesn’t reflect that much damage compare to what i see in your video
    Why is that?
    Thanks for reply!

    1. WEREWOLF457
      Is the reflect projectile an active skill? when you are in the PvE part against the mamooth i don’t see you use it
      thanks alot for reply man !!!!

    2. HeferSon- oooh I know what you’re talking about your wondering why the mammoth died when I was holding up my shield?

    3. HeferSon- those are Champion point passives, if you go back to the part of the video where I talk about the champion points you’ll here me talk about “return damage” from blocking

    1. DrajinnTheOnly- lol yes I was new to making videos BUT!☝️ as one of my firsts it’s not that bad right? lol

  8. Is this build still viable in end game content if I replaced clever alchemist with ashens grip?

    1. How would Impenetrable/Reinforced and Sharpened/Precise work for this build? Sorry for all the questions man.

    2. Damian Gatenby- I would if I could man 😔 thank you for watching the video 😁👍

    1. OK, thnx for the fast answer. I’m thinking of 5x knights errants, cuz it gives me health stam and weapon dmg

  9. Ok so you use 64 points in health, but as good as you are, isnt it overkill to use all health? You could drop it down to 50 points health and put 7 points each to stam and Mag to give you a bump where you wouldnt have to conserve, no? Im going to use this build, as I believe it to be sick, and i want to BOSS PvE as soon as possible.. But I just want to say thank you very much for this build, and EXPLAINING it step for step, what you use, and how to go about using it in DETAIL! I wish all YTers would do this so its easier to follow.. Not everyone is a VET who plays the game, and some of use need a little more explanation and step by step :D

    1. thetaze22- heyyy lol back in the day lots of health wasn’t overkill but nowadays it is if you didn’t set it up right, but just to reassure you it does work in pvp and pve still and will be even stronger with the marrowind update 😁👍 I’m really glad you enjoyed the video as well 😀👍

    2. level 13 as of right now, just getting the feel for the build.. I have never used a tank before so its all new to me.. Most of my playing time involved nightblade builds and you know how those go…lol Ive always wanted to play a tank and take some responsibility with a bigger role in dungeon groups.. I just need a few days of practice and getting the right configuration down.. I will never be as good as you and others, but if i can help get some newbs through a few dungeons, than Im happy to do it…

    3. I love the NB class, but it just doesnt take much to put them out in PvP.. I hate it.. But thats what you get when you play a shadow class.. I hope to become a fan of tanking and switch my allegiance over.. Like crossing over to the dark side of ESO LOL

    4. thetaze22- well lucky for you the dark side has cookies and looooots of asswhooping…and we’re all of cookies 😂

  10. would a dunmer be good for this build? to make up for a little magicka and stamina with the racials

    1. ahh ok, it’s just that I don’t have the imperial unfortunately so was just wondering what a good alternative would be

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