Groom Shocks Wedding Guests After Playing A Video Showing The Bride Cheating

I think we can all agree that cheating on a partner is nothing more than a cowardly and selfish act. Whether they claim to still love their partner or not, entering into an affair with another lover is a surefire way to destroy the trust a couple share. If you want to sleep with somebody else, just do the decent thing and end your current relationship.

When somebody discovers that their loved one has cheated, the heartache and emotional turmoils doesn’t just come to an end with the break up. The pain can last for months, even years, and can leave the individual a jealous and paranoid person in any future relationships. Closure can come in many forms. Some people can be content knowing their life has turned out to be far happier than if they would have stayed with their cheating partner. Others can find closure by burning their unfaithful ex’s personal possessions. And some people will wait until their wedding day to out their cheating bride in front of all of their friends and family in order to absolutely destroy them. We’ve all heard and been deeply satisfied with revenge stories on cheating exes, but the sheer scale and execution of this groom’s master plan may be the most satisfying yet! When friends, colleagues and family gathered to celebrate the love and matrimony for a Singapore couple, they were left in utter shock when the groom outed his future wife as a lying cheater. Local media such as website Zaobao revealed how guests had gathered to watch a wedding video that appeared to start as a montage of their seemingly loving relationship. Suddenly, the video cut to hidden camera footage showing the bride entering a hotel room with another man. As the video played, the distraught wife ran out of the room, realizing she had been caught out. It is reported that the groom is a wealthy businessman from the nearby area, and after suspecting infidelity from his fiancée, he hired private detective known as Ms Zhuo to track his wife’s movements on prior to their big day. Zhuo, from the AJAX Investigation and Security Services, informed Zaobao that around 70 per cent of her clients come to her after suspecting their partners of cheating.

However, even Ms Zhuo made a point of saying that the “reveal” of this case made it one of her most memorable investigations. After following the client’s fiancée around for a six week period, she initially failed to spot any dubious behavior in her actions. But, after spotting the woman meeting up with another man, Ms Zhuo planned and successfully captured footage of a second meeting, in order to get concrete evidence of her infidelity. This sounds like one hell of a profession. Speaking to Zaobao, Ms Zhuo revealed how, “They went up to the room together, but one of them left first before the other. However, they both came out of the same room”. Well, not to jump to conclusions, but it’s not hard to guess what they got up to in that hotel room.

Ms. Zhuo then allegedly advised her client to call off the wedding, but instead, he decided to destroy their relationship in a much more memorable and soap-opera-worthy way.

“At the wedding dinner when they began playing the flashback videos of the bride and groom’s love story, there was a nasty surprise waiting for the cheating bride.”

Halfway through the sweet video, suddenly the groom played the footage of the bride cheating on him in front of everyone present.” The bride was so embarrassed and humiliated when she saw the video that she ran off”.

While the PI said she understood the groom’s motivations, many people believe he went too far in destroying the bride’s life, and can’t help but think he should have ended things behind closed doors. On the hand, many people have relished in his revenge, saying she got exactly what she deserved. On thing’s for sure, I’d have loved to have been a guest at that wedding.

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