Hannity: Why didn’t GOP build a consensus health care plan?



Republican leadership must get to know the different factions in the party

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This article has 64 Comments

    1. @Christina Doxstader – The Republicans never asked for unity? That is a lie and in fact trump even said that republicans and democrats needed to work together in 2 of his speeches but I guess you didn’t want to hear that part. try again. I also never said republicans wasn’t bullheaded. The democrats and republicans are playing tug of war and if we don’t unite, it will end badly for everyone.

    2. The oil pipelines aren’t a good thing, we should be focusing on transitioning to green energy.

      I’m not sure what you mean when you say “the media is in meltdown mode” considering that the media isn’t a monolith. The media isn’t one organization and they all aren’t melting down at once.

      I agree, the snowflakes are getting more and more crazy with ridiculous conspiracies about “the deepstate is sabotaging the Trump administration”. Trumpanzees can’t explain why a wholly Republican controlled government is failing to pass their biggest laws, so they invent another government out of thin air and blame it all on that.

      The stock market is soaring, thanks to the policies put down by the Obama administration. Trump hasn’t passed any major policies that would affect the economy, and even if/when he does, it’ll take at least a year before we see the effect. Right now, we’re still reaping the benefits of the Obama administration. Thanks Obama!

      Tax rates are about to go down? Are you celebrating something that hasn’t even happened yet? If everyone’s taxes go down, then how is Trump going to pay for his $54,000,000,000 increase in military spending and for the ridiculously expensive wall? Is he going to borrow from the Russians again?

      Go ahead, keep your head in the sand, keep believing that Trump is winning. So far, his first 100 days has been one failure after another. Or as you might call it, alternative winning.

    3. Bloodredtyrant first of all, nobody loses healthcare. you can still go to a clinic, pay out of pocket, or any number of other options. second, nobody is losing health insurance with a repeal. the only reason coverage grew is because you Fascists forced people to buy insurance. what a surprise when they buy insurance. Democrats are either stupid or liars, maybe both

  1. Nobody said Obamacare was perfect, but it’s obviously a hell of a lot better for the people than what GOP is trying to replace it with.
    honestly guys just try improving Obamacare instead of replacing it with this poor excuse of a bill.

    1. Skunkdog Gro Awful analogy, both suck horrible and we are still stuck with Obamacare. Thanks big government politicians

  2. I hate three thing about politics: democrats, republicans, and when people fall for the either/or, coke/pepsi trick of republican or democrat. With that said, the democratic remarks all seemed fair to me. Remember when news would just be reported and the reporter kept their personal feelings to themselves. It was better that way.

    1. I hate to play into the politics game but the democrats have been far more objective an honest. It doesnt take dishonesty to blast the Trump admin.

    2. Adam I may have some bad news for you. Try to search for OUTOXED, documentary about Fox if yhou want to know more (you might not!)

  3. How evil do you have to be to BRAG to the American public that you hope the one solution they have currently (obamacare) will fail..just so YOU can say I told you so. This is a new low for Hannity. He’s lost.

    1. Lieutenant Cassidy Well since it seems that no one is an expert on health care you really can’t say if something is going to be successful until it plays out. You can make an educated guess of course. You seem to have a high opinion of your knowledge on this matter so I can’t really say that you’re wrong. Your original comment was very successful period. Then it was very successful compared to our current state of affairs. So like I pointed out, successful would have been more accurate when looking at the big picture.

    2. NO Frank F, you are wrong. I gave you plenty of examples of successful health care systems, if you are rating success on availability, care and oversight. If you are rating it on cost, then Canada’s may not the best but it is still VERY SUCCESSFUL as it is still FAR CHEAPER then what the US pays per capita … like ridiculously cheaper as in you (or your employer) pays more in premiums than Canada pays out per person. The key to this cost control is EVERYONE is insured, both the sick & the healthy, men & women, young and old… that is the main purpose of the ACA, the failure is that the big monopoly insurance companies are pulling out of the pool with immunity. Wanna address the raising premiums you will have to address the private insurances pulling out of the pool. Allowing them not to participate is the greatest example of crony-capitalism. All the successful Health care bills have something in common, they address the abuses created by crony-capitalism.

    3. Lieutenant Cassidy Ok good points. Let’s start with the insurance companies. Is it all their fault that they raise rates ? I suppose a large majority of the country dosnt abuse the system? I think that you obviously know more about this subject then I do but It seems that you are explaining a very complex problem (that the politicians can’t agree on )In simple terms, maybe I am misunderstanding you ? I think that there are so many moving parts that cannot be worked out at this point. I blame both political parties for this. Also is it the insurance companies fault that Obama cares rates are skyrocketing? Or are you blaming the Republican party? Or is it the drug companies? What’s the answer? I personally think a good place to start is with the drug companies, then go after people who are abusing the system. Then maybe the Democrats and Republicans can work together. I think the only chance of success is if all the political bullshit is removed and both parties put their thick heads together. At the end of the day the insurance companies are in bussiness and you can’t put all the blame on them for pulling out. You are making a blanket statement by putting all on the blame on the insurance companies .

    4. There you go buddy @Frank F! These are all great questions. Insurance companies are exploiting the system to unjustly raise rates. Remember these are HUGE for profit companies, so in short, yes it is their fault. The politicians cant agree on it because it will cost them support from the insurance company’s’ lobbyists … hence they will lose elections. Obamacare is a mandate, it is NOT insurance. The intent of Obamacare (ACA) was to include everyone in the insurance pool, thereby lowering the rate. This mandate in my opinion is illegal and unconstitutional and the fact that the Supreme Court ruled on it opens another topic. The rates are increasing because the big insurance companies such as United Health, Aetna and Humana are dropping out of the pool because since the mandate, sick people picked up the now affordable and obtainable insurance (remember many couldn’t be insured because of preexisting conditions) and healthy people procrastinated until the deadline.. or considered paying the fine. Bottom line these insurance companies are not going broke, they just aren’t making the profits they want.. in fact Aetna was (is) looking at buying Humana. The blame should also be with both parties, it’s congress as a whole who have not put regulations on the insurance companies. Congress is not looking at the interest of the people they serve, this is the epitome of crony-capitalism by allowing this. The way to fix it is to follow the lead of the other successful health care plans and remove the “for profit” insurances and go to a single pay health care system… it really is that simple, and NO it is NOT socialism, it’s just health care reform. And for all the “that’s communism” nay sayers out there, let me stop you now…. the system we have now is NOT capitalism, we do not have free and competitive health care, we have price fixing and price gouging. This is evident in another example Frank F mentioned, the drug companies and the Ferderal Protection they get on the drugs they come out with, in a free market you don’t get protection of the Federal Government, you put your best product/price and the market decides who they want to buy from.

    1. Paid trolls? Really. Where do I apply? Sung Young, seriously, I don’t agree with horrible offenses and things like that, but Hannity does not take any risks. He keep defending Trump, and things are pretty much black and white for him. I don’t think all Reps are evil, or all Dems are crooks. He himself makes fun of those politicians that are not 100% wrong. What do you think?

    2. Hannity slings hate speech nightly on the propaganda channel of the republican party to a very small percentage of the US population. Sean tarnishes his own reputation by being a biased so called journalist. Great entertainment for like minded people wanting to only hear opinion reinforcing garbage.

    3. Nancy Fox News has gained popularity since the elections and soared in ratings. With all the liberal propaganda spewed by CNN and MSNBC more people are tuning in.
      Like or not the population of viewers is not so small.
      Hannity rocks!

    4. Nancy LOL pisses you off eh? To bad. His ratings are going up. You either love him or hate him, either way you WATCH him.

  4. Because the GOP is just as uneducated Deplorable Republican Bumpkin like you Sean ” SCUMBAG” Hannity. They listen to idiots like you. Foxs fake news is registered with the FCC as an Entertainment company not Real news. That’s why you can get away by saying any fake crap on the air with no consequences. Its just the Uneducated deplorables Republicans Bumpkins audience are clueless. When are the sexual harassment perpetrators at foxs fake news are going to jail???. I can’t wait to see Roger Ailes an his Klan at foxs fake news in orange jumpsuits.🤔

    1. I didn’t vote at all you ignorant troll. All of the candidates were jokes and proof of how dumbed down america has gotten. You assume that just because I’m against a biased conservative network that I’m a liberal. You are just as ignorant as the biased liberals you criticize.

    2. Assume? He tagged me lol. I’m replying to a guy who tagged me. Reread the thread my man. On this new Youtube layout it doesn’t let me tag the people I want to respond to.

    3. PaiNExoTiC He replied to you, but isn’t necessarily talking about you. He’s talking about the people like that.

  5. So on a day that the Republicans come up short trying to pass a bill nowhere close to what Trump promised while looking for votes, and that is in fact so inhumane and horrible towards the poor, the old, and the sick that their own party members couldn’t vote in favour of it, Sean Hannity thinks that the Democrats are to blame and the bad ones?
    Does he not realise that the vast majority of the US citizens would rather stick with Obamacare over Trumpcare? Does he not understand that the people of the US don’t want a healthcare bill that’s just a big tax cut for the rich at the expense of the poor? What kind of a make believe world does Hannity live in?

    1. +Christina Doxstader​ “everyone who disagrees with me is a Nazi.” This is the very reason you lost not only the house, senate, and oval office. But also over 1000 state legislatures and 37 state governor races. If wanting to secure the border, vetting refugees, accepting LEGAL immigrants only, and giving people more choice for their healthcare makes me a Nazi, then Seig Heil

    2. I was talking about Obamacare being far more popular than the Trumpcare bill that was just rejected. Of course the people want improvements on Obamacare and that is understandable. But they don’t want Trumpcare as the replacement? That was my point.

      On the issue of Obamacare’s unpopularity though, there is an interesting case to be made that that might not entirely be true. The ACA has an approval rating of 46%- that’s not too shabby for something that supposedly won the Republicans the trifecta. I’m providing a link here that you can look up to confirm my source- http://www.businessinsider.com/polls-obamacare-approve-popularity-2017-2

      “Additionally, PPP found that 62% of people polled said they wanted to keep the ACA and make changes to it, while 33% said they wanted it repealed and the US to start over with a new healthcare law.” Now that indicates to me that people want Obamacare to be fixed. Not to be taken away. “Repeal and replace” worked in Trump rallies since it is a catchy slogan to be able to parade around but I don’t think even most of his supporters thought that he would actually, literally take away their healthcare or dilute it the way he proposed to do with his and Paul Ryan’s bill.

    3. Let me say that I agree that your conservative viewpoints make you a Nazi or something like the other guy suggested but allow me to challenge one of your assertions. You claim that “you lost not only the house, senate, and oval office. But also over 1000 state legislatures and 37 state governor races”. See that is a very interesting thing to say. Because sure, you are correct, and the Republicans did truly win all those positions. And yet, on every single level, the Democrats won the popular vote overall. Let alone Clinton’s 3 million votes advantage over Trump (Trump still won fair and square unless the Russia thing reveals anything substantial- I’m not going into that), there is also the face that even races for senate and the house of representatives, the Democrats came out on top in the POPULAR VOTE. But due to excessive gerrymandering done by the Republicans in 2010, they ended up winning a disproportionate number of seats in the house and the senate. Sources


      My point is that people read too much into political moments. To ignore that Clinton and the Democrats won the popular vote and say that the American people are on the Republicans side more seems misleading to me. The Democrats are to blame, of course. Just because I ideologically identify with the left doesn’t mean I can’t criticize the ineptitude and corruption in the Democratic establishment. However, I genuinely believe that Republican leaders are even worse with their hypocrisy and double standards. Trump lying about so many things just to get elected is just the tip of the iceberg. His minions are no better.

    4. I thought the approval rating for the ACA was now in the mid fifties? Two points I Agree with Sanders on, get Wall Street out of politics and free universal healthcare for all. I have lived in a number of those other countries that he talks about. If Canada, Australia, the UK and Europe can do it why not America?

  6. you know what I voted trump and I regret it he’s trash as a President I realized now he doesn’t know what he’s doing

    1. Trump is a con man, he just went State to State telling people what they wanted to hear for the votes.

    2. I’m honestly surprised to see so much hate towards Trump here o.o! I’m not even from your country, I’m just a little bit obsessed with it because it’s become such a circus and wanted to see how the “other side” was doing (I guess I’m left leaning, but I try to be fair and hear the other side, even if it sounds like Trump).
      I do feel kinda bad about you guys, Obama failed you and now Trump :S

    3. Big E I’m not from US, just a bit obsessed with you guys. such a clusterfuck this has been. I was reading an article about how hard it’s become for the white impoverished in America, with a notorious rise in deaths due to alcohol, drugs and suicide. it’s sad yet fascinating, since other ethnic groups have not experimented that rise anywhere in the world.

  7. Get this clown out of office and put a real republican in office. He’s making a fool of the republican party.

    1. Did you see Pence’s look in the news conference yesterday? He looked *extremely* uncomfortable.

    2. i’m all for “getting this clown out of office”   but I want the green party in there.     only SANE party around.

    3. I wouldn’t call the green party sane. Maybe Jill Stein, but if you look at the past candidates for the party they can be pretty extreme.

    4. at this point you would make a better president (sound like an insult, it really isnt, yet it isn’t a compliment either, what a strange world to live in).

  8. Republicans with a majority still can’t make it happen, and after having SEVEN YEARS of moaning and bitching about how ACA should be repealed! # MAJOR LOSERS!!!!

  9. Looks like Hannity knows Trump is watching his show. He acts like he’s talking to a 5 year old.

    1. It’s the Republicans that dubbed the affordable care act. “Obamacare” wasted taxpayers money time and effort that should have gone to improve in government but chose to play game of obstructionism then when they finally get the chance toactually do something about it they failed miserably, because they are all talk. Much like the president

    2. ACA is actually working. AHCA would never work – at least not for Amercian people that need healthcare. GOP had 7 years to come up with something, and they put together a POS in two weeks and it is DOA. Who the dumbass? ROTFL

    3. +Michael Tackett it’s not actually named “Obamacare”, see that’s what the right wing called it so that they can have a target to poke at when they rile up their sheep masses to vote against something that might actually help them. “Obama this” “Hussein is a Kenyan Muslim” “Obamacare is gonna raise ur premiums(nevermind they’ve been rising for decades)”

    4. Yea, nobody refers to it as “Obamacare” on the left ever-sarcasm. You are not helping me by taking my money and giving it to the likes of Monica Riot. We have coverage for sick people, it’s called medicare. This is for lazy people and it is robbing hard working people to give money to lazies who just don’t want to work.

  10. Republicans spend 6 years campaigning on their new healthcare plan. They hold the House, the Senate and the White House. Yeah, this is the Democrat’s fault.
    The only person fucking dumber than Hannity is anyone who listens to him.

    1. Mark Mark and Republican six years ago had no idea who would be in office or what seats would be gained or lost in the House and Senate … psychopaths

  11. Wait, what happened to “we’ll win so much we’ll get sick of winning”?  Failed on healthcare repeal, failed on Muslim ban, failed on the wall, failed on China rolling over, failed on ISIL failed on term limits proposal, failed on lobbying ban, failed on NAFTA pull-out, fail to “cancel every executive action from Obama”.  So much failure.  But that’s fine.

  12. Right… complain about Obamacare increasing Premiums by 117%, but ignore the fact that Trumpcare would have increased it from $1500 to $15000 per year for senior citizens.

    1. don moore   will be my end said $1500 to $15,000.    that’s a lot more than $5000 difference.

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