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Today I am sharing with you some Healthy Indian kids meals with you that are so easy to made and something we can happily give to our kids knowing that it is loaded with nutrition.
The three recipes that are discussed are
Dosa Pizza
Special Curd rice
Cauliflower rice
These recipes are not only tempting for kids but fpr adults as well.These Indian meal ideas are tasty and healthy.I hope you try them out and let me know whether you like them.
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  1. Hi..nice and simple daughter loves dal and thoran types basically for her routine is like oatmeal or multigrain powder before she goes to school at 7.30 am and once she is back by 11, I give her lunch with dal / rasam/ puliseri / erissery with vegetable thoran which will be different all days.onlyvon weekend we give her non veg like chicken/ fish. Dinner will be dosa/ chapathy/idili/poori/ pasta with and egg

    1. +Aiswarya Leela thanks dear.nice to hear about your daughter s healthy routine.using multigrain powder is a great choice to add on in the morning Rush ☺️

  2. Nice nd easy way to introduce lots of veggies for kids…… never tried cauliflower rice sounds interesting nd very different….

    1. +sai krishnaa thanks dear.ya it is one of the best ways to consume better amounts of cauliflower which is otherwise sometimes difficult ☺️

    1. +sushmeetha vinay hello sushmeetha, actually I got it along with me from india.but I believe you can get similar Tawas online in Amazon too. thank u for Watching

    1. +febina nowfal sure dear.i have a video on kids diet routine .you can check that if you like.i shall surely do more on diet for toddlers☺️

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