Justin Trudeau Met With The Queen And People’s Hearts Just Couldn’t Cope

Justin Trudeau stopped in on Queen Elizabeth II in Scotland on Wednesday, and pictures of the pair sent people online into meltdown.

Canadas prime minister enjoyed a private audience with the British monarch at Edinburghs Holyrood Palace, ahead of his attendance atthe G20 summit, which starts in Hamburg, Germany, on Friday.

Trudeau was welcomed to the royal residence in true Scottish style.

He was then introduced to the Queen.

Following the meeting, Twitter users soon turned to the important topic of what socks Trudeau was wearing given his upstaging by Irelands Prime Minister Leo Varadkar in the sock stakes during their first official meeting on Tuesday.

Others, meanwhile, simply enjoyed Trudeaus encounter with the Queen for what it was.

Heres what Trudeau himself had to say about his chat with the Queen:

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