New President, Airbnb morals, doctor abduction: India’s interesting week

The country chooses a new President

Ram Nath Kovind was elected as the 14th President of India. The nominal head of the nation, the Indian President actually has few real powers, though he is able to issue pardons to death row inmates. The President is indirectly elected by both the houses of the Indian Parliament as well as the Legislative Assembly of India. The President-elect belongs to the Dalit community, once an “untouchable caste,” he is only the second Dalit ever to get India’s top job.

Oxford student solves IIT-JEE paper, Indian internet loses its mind

    The Indian internet lost its mind after Jack Fraser, a third year student from Oxford university solved the IIT entrance examination in one third the time. The exam, considered one of the toughest exams worldwide, is used for admission to IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) branches, which have around a 2% acceptance rate. After solving the paper, the third year physics student got widely abused by Indians and even received death threats on the internet from those who considered it sacrilegious for a foreigner to solve the paper and boast about it.

    Airbnb for married couples only, India’s strange moral laws

    In a country which often boasts about its technological progress — launching satellites for the rest of the world and going to Mars for a budget less than it took to make the movie “Gravity” — India’s idiosyncratic moral laws are a stark contrast. Airbnb’s listing in India explicitly specify “married couples only” which stems from unspoken cultural and moral laws which still exist in Indian society in spite of the country being two decades deep into the 21st century.

    Ola drivers abduct doctor, demand ransom

    A driver for Indian Uber-like service Ola abducted a doctor and demand a ransom of 5 million rupees ($77,500) from Ola or they would reveal the crime and harm the company’s already sensitive reputation. The kidnapper was reportedly a disgruntled ex-employee who was angry over non payment of benefits. After 12 days in captivity, the doctor was rescued by police.

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