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  1. Nightblue3 if you answer this comment i will upload a video of me having sex with my cat while doing backflips on top of my driving car

    1. Clearly not the sub human Nightblue, he is so rich now that he hires atheist neckbeards to edit his videos so that he has more time outside of streaming to enjoy the money his low iq viewers provided.

    2. xendrius is right, why work harder when you can pay someone to do the dirty work? Except I am not low IQ and I do not give him my money.

    1. +Kazuiyo Senpai mAbe that makes THE difference but ir rly hate if people say stuff like get cancer

  2. 3:11 “Where’s my passive almost up”
    *Passive has 186 seconds remaining”

    Seems legit

    1. +Elhapro Well emote spamming usually results in the running animation, depends which one you use, laugh just jiggles him I think.

    2. That is such bullshit, lol. Stuff like “emoting while using Zac ult puts you at an advantage” shouldn’t be a thing.

    1. Ya mad bullies gotta give reksai some love then again I do love Brazilian porn so I gotta give some to nidalee too

    1. Almost 6k health is not more than 6k health, that should be pretty obvious. I get it, you’re not a native English speaker, but it’s so clickbait.

    1. dont forget the “do i have flash, nah i dont have flash” when he has flash

    1. Tanks can do enough damage to kill a squishy, while squishies can do enough damage to kill a tank. usually.

    2. you could argue if rylais is a way too impactful item but not this “tanks2stronk adc needs buff plz :((((” whining

    3. +Fraggusnonlaggus But Tabiiiiiiii look at hecarim 😱😱😱
      Reksai too

      jg tanks are meta rn I could understand top tanks/bruiser doing alot od damage and cc but tank jg man… they give karma and sona spotlight

      Where are my super tanky supports D:

    4. +sen sen tank≠bruiser olaf and jax for example are bruisers not a tanks tahm kench,zac or voli are tanks.

      ninja tabis are strong thats why you want at least 1 ap carry in your team.

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