Paragon Gideon Build & Guide – DAMAGE AND HEALTH!



A card build and guide to Gideon, one of the best casters in Paragon! Learn how to use him to your advantage and build him like an absolute MONSTER! Link (Order my vary) –

Cards (40/40) –
The Archmagus – Prime Card
Health Potion
4 x Cast Token (Can use mana as well 2 x Cast + mana)
Staff of Adamant – 2 x Minor Cast 1 x Lesser Health
Staff of Adamant – Lesser health, cast, major cast
Staff of Adamant – 3 x Minor Cast
Eldermage Amulet – 3 x Greater Health, 1 x Major Cast
Magus Ward – Basic Mana, Mana, Advanced Mana, Major Cast
Shadow Scroll – 3 x Major Cast, 1 x Major Shock
Shadow Scroll – 2 x Major Shock, 3 x Major Cast

Priorities your Ultimate and Q ability.

Paragon Gideon Build
Paragon Gideon Gameplay
Paragon Gideon Build and Guide
Paragon Gideon Guide

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This article has 40 Comments

  1. I’ve been trying to get a Shadow Scroll for forever and no luck. I’ve had to substitute Magna-Lens for the energy pen which isn’t bad with a little mana regen. I recently pulled Shockwave, what is your opinion on it with his ult? In my first match with it in my deck I got a triple kill with it at prime by porting in>shockwave>ult. Kinda OP to be honest.

    1. Magna-Lens is what i use and with Gideon you don t need more than a spark of 1.2, i am always full mana and then i build piercing

  2. Hey RGSACE, great build, but can you explain why you always use energy penetration on Gideon? What if the enemy has no energy armor? I rarely see energy armor on more than 1 person.

    1. i dont think you can by pass default armor
      i think you can only by pass the armor from the items

    2. +meçabih abdelkarim If that is the case, why would armor even be made a default stat, when they could just give you health?

  3. I use hydroverser on any caster that can use it since casters need lots of mana might as well take advantage of all that mana

    1. my main 3 is use on a deck is hydroverser, infinity stream, mindflow fallowed up by 2 chrono spikes lords ward n some other cards building on energy damage n mana

    2. When you have 2000 Mana, which is several points of mana, you only gain 140 points of damage when you have ALL of your mana. Hydroverser is extremely expensive, awkward to build, and hardly augments your damage at all.

  4. great video… this really gave me some good tips I love Gideon he’s my main character I use your so lucky u have the new skin that looks awsome. keep making these great videos

  5. Thank you for saying all of this. Players need to know this. Thank god for you man. I can cry right now lmaoo.

  6. I would love if you could do a feng mao or greystone or what rurikhan likes to call “Facestone

    1. its almost the same but with upgrades that cost 1 or 2 card points you can buy more cards and increasing your variety and you get more fully updrade bonuses, in some heros is good but not for every one

    2. It’s bad in the early game because if u have 3 points and spend them on 3 minor cards, like minor strikes for example, u get the same amount of physical damage as u would with a 3 point upgrade, EXCEPT u also get the fully upgraded bonus. This means you’re more effective in the early game than someone building 3 cost upgrades.

  7. really close to the build I roll on Gideon Health is for sure the best option to build on him rather than worrying about both armor types . great video brother

    1. not really, his build lacks a lot of cooldowns and with a armor card you can build cooldowns as well, idk the card name

    2. +Gonçalo Ramalho you dont need cooldown with gideon. also with as much health as he has you dont need armor. play safe and you wont have any issues as he explains

    3. yes you need, i build cooldown and i am always in every team fight using my ult and if i have armor i don t need that much health, however i only choose gideon when there is no enemy that can counter my ult, with cooldowns i just use my ult all the time and its a easy game

    4. If you play high MMR games, you always have someone on the enemy team with CC so does that mean I never pick Gideon when I play the top 100 players? Nope. You have to build to counter this issue. Armor is too much to invest in on Gideon, ruins the burst on his Q

    5. i only said when i like to play him, there are a lot of heroes to choose and i don t main no hero, i like to play all of them and when i have those conditions of no counters i play him, i know what you are saying but a 300 upgrade of health means little when a carry just takes 300 of health with one basic attack, still i think your build is good and you can destroy enemys with his ult, you play against top players so that means that you are good and your teammates too, i only play normal pvp, when your teammates are bad sometimes and they don t support you, so i have less damage and more armor

  8. RGSACE can you do a build for Sevarog next time, I have been playing with him for a long time and I fit portal stone in his build for map presence and I would like to see how you build Sevarog!

  9. Anyone else have problems putting health in their staff of adamant? Not sure if it was in an update, but I just started playing a few days ago.

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