Paragon : Narbash Build and Guide | Little Drummer Boy 7k Health



Thumbs up for Narbash! my full build and guide for the new hero Narbash in paragon ! expect great team support and a huge health pool.
Full Build
mana potion / health potion / strike token
– Situational – Circlet of Health, basic mana,mana ,advanced mana

-Tempered Plate, lesser Health, Health, Greater Health
-Tempered Plate, lesser Health, Health, Greater Health ( option guard, minor guard, greater guard)
-Tempered Plate , Greater Health, Beta Health , Alpha Health
-Tuned Barrier, lesser Health, Health, Greater Health
-Tuned Barrier, lesser Health, Health, Greater Health
-Tuned Barrier, lesser Health, Health, Greater Health (option barrier, minor barrier, Greater barrier

Option two
– Situational – Circlet of Health, basic mana,mana ,advanced mana
– Tempered Plate, minor guard,guard,greater guard
-Tuned Barrier barrier, minor barrier, Greater barrier
-Amulet of Veteran – Greater Health, Divine health x2
-Lords ward or other health option- lesser Health, Health, Greater Health
Adamant Edge – lesser Health, Health, Greater Health
Adamant Edge – lesser Health, Health, Greater Health

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This article has 43 Comments

    1. +TheNo85307 I’m close to the master skin :)
      I think it’s the best looking master skin in the game.
      Just ranked to level 9 today so just a few days remaining for level 10 :)

    2. +ScrappyCoCoPs4 That’s great! You’ll be there in no time :) I’m almost level 7, because I haven’t played Iggy much. But now I can’t imagine Paragon without him :))

    3. I tried playing Iggy but couldn’t figure out a good build. I never thought about a tanky build. I’ll have to look into that.

    1. Roman Lopez I don’t want to start an argument because I know how the comments section can be. Narbash is an Orc because of his fanged teeth and pointed ears. He has tribal tattoos and he is all about the team. Ogres are solitary creatures who don’t like others and do not have a family.

  1. Damn dude major health wish I played iggy and scorch better when I had the chance to play with you man xD only reason I knew it was you was like that name is familiar

  2. Nibori yesterday I played with you in my second account my name is electricxv I send to you friend request

  3. No Honor the Pure, Circlet of Health, Overflowing Gifts, not even enough mana to use Song of my People which you don’t even use in the first place… this is one of the most selfish builds I’ve seen for a support. All you did in this build was brag about how much health and armour you can have. Your K/D means nothing. The As change games. I pity the players who watch this and think this is cool and try to emulate the concept.

    1. Also, I just read you said you have no mana problem in the below comments. Take a guess why. You DON’T heal at all. Just great.

    2. Well considering how many assists he has, Id say hes a pretty damn good support, he can stay in the fight for a long long time. Enough time for the damage dealers to get in and take kills. He is also able to stun enemy team with abilities and help ally team chase or run. This is a great build in my opinion. A support who is always there and doesnt die is imo better than a support who can die in a dozen seconds and leave the fight

    3. Support is not just for healing. Support doesn’t mean your only exclusive to that build. And if your smart you would take from this and create your own version. Some people might not know how to build a tank role and this is a good example.

      A tank that can take 4 ults and don’t die means your team can move in for the kill followed by your own ult.

      Besides, his Song of my people is trash, till they buff, might as well make him useful for something.

  4. If you want you can add lantern of spring and i think genisis torch? It gives you pen and armour one is energy the other is physical If you cant find one use the filters at the bottom of the deck screen i think the physical pen is the one you will have to select But you can use these two cards for armour Or cool downOr both I find they help close the gap of not having the abilites ready when i really need themAnd add some bulk

    1. They also give you cooldown i forgot to say because thats the whole point if you get those cards

  5. Pretty new to the game so i was curious.. why do people take lesser health and health over greater health and other strong ones? Is it better to finish items earlygame with weaker card upgrades?

    1. Robert Jager Early game you can have your cards with low value upgrades, that way you will be able to have the “Full Upgrade Bonus” and will be more effective, then late game you can replace them with better versions like 3 points health upgrade instead of the 1 point version.

  6. Today I tried Narbash for the first time ever with a default deck. I only went for assists and annoying the enemy team with stun/slowdown/regen. It was awesome we wasily won after 30 mins. After that me and my friends went full tank-team with Rampage, Narbash, Steel and Riktor (the last guy was Grim.EXE) and easily won two games in a bit more than 20 minutes.

    The fat-lane is real

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