Smite: Kukulkan Max Mana Build – INSANE DAMAGE AND HEALTH!



I'm gonna be real I didn't think this build would work this well. Who should I play next/build?
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    1. poly gives 300 of mana gem gives 250, but i prefer gem because the pasive is beter with kulkulkan’s 3

    2. Felipe Freddo How impudent, to think you would come to such a nonsensical pondering. I hope you have been disillusioned for everyone’s sake, contraire.

    1. not really. the peneteration stone cutter offers is much better than the potential +50 power. and if they don’t have much protection just use qin sais

  1. Why does kkk look so hi-rez, pun not intended. Like it’s weird how his graphics looks so much higher than everything else around him

  2. Put that build on an Ah Puch minus the Soul Reaver, add Gem of Isolation and you have yourself a fucking destroyer

  3. i want to hit the like button, but that means i have a big weenie and my mom told me to never tell a lie

  4. At one point i had 1125 power with kuku(with pots and all) and oneshoted the whole team on joust.

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