Smite: Ymir 4.8K Health Build – SO HARD TO KILL LATE GAME!



I heard you wanted health on your health, so I built Health items on health items. Health is fun. Who should I play next?

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  1. Member when PunkDuck said How to play Mercury was gonna be released in a week 2 months ago… I MEMBER

    1. soloDoubleJ you should do health regeneration/ damage Amaterasu, good luck bro if you do it :p keep up the good work

    1. +Smexeh Beast dude I was obviously trolling because it was fun for me to see someone saying “Someone already do that #Plagiat “

    2. +Smexeh Beast HAHAHA I almost had a stroke … Dude I’m not even subscribe I’m just saying tha it’s a stupid comment you wrote there

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