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1 tbsp desi ghee
3 cups makhana (lotus seeds)
3-4 tbsp grated coconut
3-4 tbsp jaggery/gur
4-5 cardamom
Notes: Once cooled down, store in an airtight container
Kids would love to munch of these healthy makhanas.
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  1. Wow u r just too good Nisa my kids will just love it. can u show a salty spicy version of this pls

  2. Whats makhana called in malayalam…i want to go to the store to get it..looks like a great snack…😊

    1. +Nisha Dr R  I really do not know what it is called in Malayalam. You can get them at most supermarkets or dry fruits shop. hope this helps :)

  3. Just too bad we donf have Makhana in my area :( I did search for tham but cant find anywhere that sells them. But you, Nisa Dear, made me want to do my sugar free caramel popcorn! Love snacks and love your channel, stay blessed xxxx

  4. Wooow awesome..U r simply gr8…I’m ur old subscriber but commenting fr the first time…keep it up..lots of love👌👍😘

  5. mam i wanted to ask u somethng nt regarding dis video . mam which honey do u use in ur recipes i mean d brand or wat plz let me knw so dat i can buy for myself plz ans dis question man

    1. +Sana Ansari hi Sana! I live in north kerala and just to hours away from a hill station called Wayanad. I get honey and most of the organic ingredients I use in my recipes from local farmers of Wayanad. I try to get local ingredients as much as possible.

    1. +Elizabeth Joy its a very tedious process which takes about 2-3 weeks. Showing/teaching on a video would be difficult, but I will see what I can do about it. Thanks for being here :)

  6. Hey Nisa thanks for the tasty recipe for the kids but I have heard that makhana is warm in nature is that true?

    1. +lovejeet bhatia makhana helps to alleviates vata and pitta dosha, and a handful or two is recommended.

  7. yummm..thank you for these amazing recipes!! I love your channel and have been telling people about it…I tried your almond butter recipe and posted it on my channel, it came out so good!!

  8. !!!Looks delicious
    Highly recommend you on Koocam.com
    They are looking for people who do healthy food give recipes etc
    (especially if you do it as a hobby)

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