Petition calls for Dennis Rodman to be removed from Hall of Fame

June 22, 2017

… petition on calling for the NBA to remove Rodman from the Hall of Fame. “Otto Warmbier was murdered by the North Korean regime,” said Marion Smith, director of the rights group. “The barbarous treatment received by this young American at the hands of his North Korean captors is sadly not a unique act. North Korea’s government has a record of forcing innocent American tourists into decades of hard labor and of beating and torturing them to the point of …


A First-Grader’s Picasso-Like Painting Is Now Hanging At The Met

June 20, 2017

… every 10 artists is selected; she hopes to see that ratio grow over time. Another longterm goal is building awareness of these kinds of exhibitions those that value local community and the universality of artistic expression as opposed to the fabled genius of the dead, white chosen few. Its not as if these projects havent been happening all around the country, Jackson-Dumont said. And yet you can probably count on your hands the number of times you read about something like this. People, I …


Hospital designs that are changing the way you’re cared for

June 19, 2017

… sterile metal ones, which can aggravate the neuropathic hands of patients undergoing chemotherapy. Carefully placed eaves protect photosensitive patients from UV rays, while allowing in enough natural light to enliven the space. The neutral color palette offsets post-treatment pallor. De Rijke says: “It’s not like you sit in this chair and receive radiotherapy or chemotherapy, and the chair has to be this big and in this position relative to the window. That’s the land of …


Thousands March In Saint Paul After Philando Castile Verdict

June 17, 2017

… chanted No justice, no peace, prosecute the police, hands up, dont shoot, and, later, Yanez, guilty! as they marched down University Avenue in Saint Paul, according to local reporters. More From this publisher : HERE Recommended ProductsVideo Instafolio Pro – 1 Video Instafoliois a WordPress theme that aims to give local and video consultants the perfect portfolio tool for all their video services. From video creation tools like Video Maker FX, Explaindio and Easy Sketch Pro to …


Las Vegas Cop Charged In Chokehold Death Of Black Man

June 6, 2017

Officer Kenneth Lopera was charged on the same day the Clark County Coroners Office ruled the May 14 death of Tashii Farmer, 40, near the Las Vegas Strip was a homicide due to police restraint. The two charges of involuntary manslaughter and oppression under color of office brought against Lopera, which could each carry a maximum sentence of four years in prison if he is convicted, follow a number of deaths of unarmed black men at the hands of the police in the United States that have spawned …


Could Labour’s love be lost in Mansfield after 94 years? – BBC News

May 30, 2017

… Whereas other neighbouring constituencies have moved with the political climates of the day and changed hands on occasion, Mansfield has held out. The closest challenge came in 1987, when a weak Labour party was swatted aside nationally by Margaret Thatcher’s triumphant Tories. In Mansfield, not only was the town still reeling from the 1984 Miners’ Strike, but stalwart MP Concannon, who had held the seat since 1966, stood down. Sid Pepper, UKIP’s candidate at the coming …


Painful Chinese Foot-Binding Was More Than An Erotic Practice, Study Finds

… managed to interview many of them, Bossen told HuffPost. There is no other body of data based on interviews with foot-bound women that is as comprehensive as this. It was really a last chance to do it. Laurel Bossen The type of foot-binding practiced in rural communities was a form of discipline, the book argues.Mothers bound young girls feet so they would stay still and work with their hands, creating yarn and spinning thread, among other things, which families could use or sell. These new …

May 27, 2017

Who gets hurt by GOP’s ‘pro-life’ hypocrisy

… with HIV finding that the local NGO delivering their medicine must shutter for lack of funds. Health care providers forced to lie to their patients, and women doing what desperate women have always done — taking matters in to their own hands, and sometimes not living to tell about it. This is pro-life? More From this publisher : HERE Recommended ProductsWP Spy Pro Details: WP Spy is online software and a plugin both that discovers the plugins and theme used by any wordpress blog and …

May 20, 2017