These Pics Of Barack Obama And Prince Harry Hanging Out Are Making Twitter Swoon

October 30, 2017

Normally, two guys hanging out and watching a basketball game wouldn’t be a big deal. Of course, when those two guys happen to be the former president of the United States and the fifth in line to the British throne, people tend to take notice. Not to mention, the affable former vice president of the U.S. and his wife, Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden, were in attendance. I swear…


Don’t Panic, But This Is Every Area Of The World That North Korean Missiles Could Reach

October 28, 2017

I think by now we all know North Korea has nuclear weapons, that is no secret. The “hermit kingdom”, as it is often called, is ironically very public about their arsenal of weapons, but little else. Since February, North Korea have flexed their figurative nuclear muscles on 15 intense occasions, just to give the rest of the world a glimpse of their strength. Of these nuclear tests, a majority have…


Utah Police Officer Who Aggressively Arrested A Nurse For “Doing Her Job” Finds His Fate

October 27, 2017

Earlier this year, dramatic footage emerged of a nurse from Utah being aggressively dragged from a hospital by a police officer. The horrifying 19 minute footage of the incident, which was caught on the police officers’ body cameras, instantly went viral. Nurse Alex Wubbels was left traumatized after she was forcefully removed from the hospital where she works. Her crime? Doing her job. Salt Lake City police officer, Jeff Payne,…


Groom Shocks Wedding Guests After Playing A Video Showing The Bride Cheating

October 23, 2017

I think we can all agree that cheating on a partner is nothing more than a cowardly and selfish act. Whether they claim to still love their partner or not, entering into an affair with another lover is a surefire way to destroy the trust a couple share. If you want to sleep with somebody else, just do the decent thing and end your current relationship. When somebody discovers that…


Police Have Been Forced To Deny That A Human Cat Has Been Discovered Wandering The Streets

October 22, 2017

In Malaysia, the police, like cops in pretty much every part of the world, are presumably very busy catching criminals and generally ensuring that the local community is as safe as possible. I say “presumably” because police in the southeast Asian country recently had a very unusual fiasco on their hands, and it revolved around a hideously bizarre and unidentifiable creature. A creature that looked exactly like this: The creature…


Moe’s Is Celebrating Free Queso Day By Giving Customers, Well, Free Queso

October 18, 2017

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. No, I’m not talking about the holidays (which aren’t too far away); I’m talking about Free Queso Day. Just like the name implies, Free Queso Day is the day of the year that we are given to basque in the glory and the beauty that is queso — and the best part is, of course, that the queso is free. To commemorate this special day, Moe’s…


Six-Year-Old Is Punished By School For Kneeling During The Pledge Of Allegiance

October 11, 2017

Athletes choosing to kneel during the national anthem is currently a controversial topic in the US. The this past weekend, 27 players from the Jacksonville Jaguars and Baltimore Ravens opted to take a knee during the singing of the US national anthem before a game at Wembley Stadium in London. This was the most players ever to kneel during the national anthem in a single NFL game ever. The defiant stance has become…


This Ros Festival Is The Perfect Getaway For Anyone Who Loves To Ros All Day

October 9, 2017

Rosé all day has been the motto during all spring and summer of 2018. These days, you can find rosé in almost every restaurant, supermarket, and drugstore. Heck, rosé is even being sold in small cans and forty ounce bottles, so it is safe to say rosé isn’t going anywhere soon. You typically don’t think of rosé as the choice wine for those cool fall nights that are approaching, but that hasn’t stopped…


The Alarming List Of Weapons Owned By The Las Vegas Shooter Revealed

October 8, 2017

On Sunday, 64-year-old retired accountant, Stephen Paddock opened fire on a crowd of 20,000 people at the Route 91 Festival in Las Vegas. The incident, which has so far claimed the lives of 60 people, including Paddock himself, is now the deadliest mass shooting in the United States. Paddock chaotically fired at the crowd without discrimination from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay resort and casino, turning the festival…


North Korea Says US Has Declared War And They Will “Shoot Down US Bombers”

October 7, 2017

As we all know, last week President Donald Trump threatened to “totally destroy” North Korea in a UN speech, and then this weekend, he extended the travel restrictions for all North Koreans travelling to the US. Well, now North Korea has responded, and their comments are incredibly disturbing. The nation has maintained that it is permitted to shoot down US bombers, even if they aren’t in North Korean airspace. Pyongyang’s foreign…


Donald Trump Threatens That US May Have “No Choice But To Totally Destroy North Korea”

October 2, 2017

Tensions between the US and North Korea have escalated considerably this afternoon after Donald Trump delivered an aggressive speech at the United Nations General Assembly in which he said the US will have “no choice but to totally destroy North Korea”. The worrying speech comes just days after Trump taunted Kim Jong-un via Twitter, nicknaming the North Korean dictator “Rocket Man”, a reference to North Korea’s allegedly extensive nuclear arsenal….


The Alarming Truth Behind NASA’s Warning That The World Is About To End

If someone were to tell you that the Earth is soon to end, you may be inclined to believe them. As hurricanes rampage across the globe and North Korea prepares their nuclear weapons, it is easy to assume that the world as we know it may be coming to an end. So, when it was reported that NASA had confirmed the world was about to perish, people listened with intense…

September 24, 2017

Violent Body Cam Footage Shows Nurse Being Arrested For Doing Her Job

We all rely on the emergency services to help and protect us. However, it would appear that they cannot protect themselves from each other as this shocking footage shows. The appalling 19 minute clip shows the moment a head nurse is violently arrested by a Utah police officer. The footage, released by nurse Alex Wubbels and her attorney, will make your jaw drop, especially when you learn why it happened……

September 16, 2017

North Korea Threatens To ‘End The US’ After Tough Sanctions By The UN

It’s fair to say that tensions between North Korea and the Western world have never been worse, and many prominent political commentators have had good cause to be extremely worried by the communist state’s aggressively militaristic attitude. In particular, the recent test of an intercontinental ballistic missile has given the totalitarian nation the power to launch a nuclear strike against the United States for the first time ever – something…

September 5, 2017

News Daily: North Korean missile and Grenfell ‘frustration’ – BBC News

Get news from the BBC in your inbox, each weekday morning Grenfell: Survivors express frustration Survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire have held a meeting with a coroner, expressing frustration at a lack of information from the authorities. During the three-hour discussion, Dr Fiona Wilcox, coroner for Westminster, described the scenes inside the building, where at least 80 people died last month, as “apocalyptic”. Meanwhile, the Grenfell response team says…

July 5, 2017

Constance Zimmer loves when ‘UnREAL’ gets real

(CNN)There’s not much in the world of “UnREAL” that fazes the unflappable power producer Quinn, played by Constance Zimmer. “She’s almost too bright,” Zimmer teased to CNN in a recent sit-down. “She’s constantly keeping Quinn and Rachel on their toes, which gets them off-kilter in a way that is so surprising, especially playing a character like Quinn, who does not get knocked off her heels very often, and when she…

July 1, 2017

Callan: The problem with Mika and Joe’s Trump allegation

(CNN)As most Americans begin a particularly lengthy Fourth of July holiday weekend, television screens, and virtually all the media are focused on the burning questions: “Did Mika really have a face-lift?” and “Did Trump really tweet that?” In Mika Brzezinski’s case, however,the answer is being seriously discussed as possibly having a bearing on whether the President of the United States has committed an act of possible criminal blackmail and/or extortion…

July 1, 2017

China refuses cancer treatment abroad for Nobel winner Liu Xiaobo

Beijing (CNN)Nobel prize winning Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo has been refused permission to travel overseas to receive cancer treatment. His case has come under an international spotlight amid allegations from his supporters that he had become gravely ill because his cancer wasn’t treated in prison. In a statement released Wednesday, Shenyang authorities appeared to attempt to dispel this speculation, saying his cancer was diagnosed less than a month ago, on…

June 30, 2017