Hospital designs that are changing the way you’re cared for

June 19, 2017

… there’s something about the architecture that you can see people’s body language,” says Laura Lee, the chief executive of Maggie’s Centres. “They quickly change from being tense and anxious. Their shoulders relax. There’s something about the materiality of the building that says it’s a nice place to be.” On June 9, Maggie’s opened its latest center in Oldham, a town northeast of Manchester. Designed by London-based firm dRMM, the simple …


Ebola nurse Pauline Cafferkey meets disease survivors – BBC News

June 17, 2017

… caption The Kerry town centre has been demolished to make way for a hospital Image caption Pauline ran despite having a weak leg and sore joints as a result of her Ebola Image caption Isetu looks after her granddaughter Mariama and her seven siblings Related Topics Sierra Leone More From this publisher : HERE Recommended ProductsViral Nova Pro Curation Engine Single License (hidden) Viral Nova Pro Is a a training and software that will teach how to build free viral traffic …


No one knows what the GOP health plan is, even Republicans

June 14, 2017

(CNN)Senate Republican leaders say they still hope to vote on a bill to repeal Obamacare before lawmakers leave town for the July 4th recess. Since House Republicans passed a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare last month after much hand-wringing and drama, a “working group” of Senate Republicans have been meeting to share their preferences for a health care bill. It is now up to the Senate Budget Committee — in consultation with key senators and leadership — to draft …


Could Labour’s love be lost in Mansfield after 94 years? – BBC News

May 30, 2017

… Some voters in Mansfield have questioned whether the economy has recovered from the closure of local coal mines That Mr Clarke was unable to sway Labour voters is of no surprise to Mia James, who moved to Mansfield from The Netherlands in 1963. Now 75, she is backing the Conservatives, something she said was barely heard of in the 1960s. She said: “It was absolutely a Labour town when I came – people didn’t talk about politics much, but most people voted the same way.” …


Has the North East forgotten Margaret Thatcher? – BBC News

The name doesn’t seem to mean much to them. It would have been a different story 36 years ago, when the Thatcher government closed Consett’s steel works, with the loss of 3,700 jobs. The devastation inflicted on this remote town high on the edge of the Pennines, where unemployment soared to 36%, made the national news and became a symbol of the harsh medicine the Thatcher government thought it had to administer to Britain’s heavy industries. It sowed the seeds for the …

May 22, 2017

Trump vs. Comey: Who will America trust?

… Republican Gov. John Kasich said in a CNN town hall event Tuesday that needs to change. “I saw that Speaker (Paul) Ryan said some things tonight about getting to the bottom line,” Kasich said. “Frankly, I think he should be more aggressive. I think he should speak out more and hopefully he will.” A spokesperson for Ryan released a statement earlier Tuesday night, saying: “We need to have all the facts, and it is appropriate for the House Oversight Committee to …

May 17, 2017