Just a 200 Ft Long Truck Making a Perfect Right-Hand Turn

October 10, 2017

A remarkable video shows a skilled driver flawlessly executing a sharp right on a narrow Highland road carrying a 60-metre (197 ft) turbine blade. The incredible feat of skill is pulled off thanks to patience, very careful measurement, and rear wheels that are steered electronically from the cab. The clip shows the 197ft blade clear the railings on a bridge with just inches to spare. Filmed on the A87 between…


Robocraft – Still Flying at 30% Health – Build and Gameplay

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July 3, 2017

8 Ways To Sleep Better When It’s Blistering Hot Outside

As a result, she developed some creative tricks to cool down her kids before bedtime, like dampening and freezing a teddy bear that they could take to bed. Cooler temperatures actually help your bodyproduce more melatonin, the powerful hormone that work to make you feel sleepy, she explained. So sleeping in a hot room where its nearly impossible to cool down will be an obstacle to a good nights rest….

June 22, 2017