The Division: 250K+ DPS, 71K+ Health, Build Overview


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For you DPS lovers. Just my personal build, not the best or near perfect :)

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  1. best build , i have 229000 vector and just 40000 damage , i want 70000 damage if its possible

    1. +MoeTech sorry m’y health , now i have 278000 dps for 76000 health …. scar l socom 204 , test today aug 204 .

    2. +avalon0023 the 204 AUG is OP. I rolled one with deadly, brutal and self-preserved. The best roll I could’ve possible asked for. With 4 pieces of sentry gear I crit headshot off the 3 diamonds for 165k per billet. And I get 3% of that back in health. It crits a lot less on players obviously, but I have 61% armor mitigation and I fucking melt while tanking due to sentry’s ability.

  2. My vector does 12.3. And we have identical firearms but your dps is 250 and mine is only 178k. I don’t get it. Your guns should be like 30k

    1. +Ibreathegaming how does it not I have the same builds as some of these guys and get killed so easily by lvl 80+players

    2. +Team ACG what’s your exact build? What’s your armor mitigation? What’s your crit hit chance and damage?

    3. Damage gets increased per better gear towards firearms correct? ?? So if lvl correlates with access to better gear than damage scales to lvl in dz …once ur lvl 75 ur damage will be usually way higher than a guy under that rank

  3. Get max armor. Once you hit 65% your not gonna wanna go back to anything below not even 64.50% armor.

    1. +Eric Plando it was along with the firstwave m1a for level 75 dz. in dz 3 but those douchebags changed the vendor friday so both the blueprints are gone

  4. for my build, i molded it around my guns. my HE vector has a skill that grants 3% of critical hits back as health, so i upped my DPS and health (as much as i could without sacrificing skill power) and crafted/re-calibrated my gear to increase crit chance and crit damage. rarely need to use medkits, only on very extreme circumstances. in PVP it’s ok but i’m just terrible at PVP so it’s slow progress to learn what works and doesn’t.

    1. Go to the recalibration station up in the Tech Wing, then focus on one of your gear equipment such as knee pads and add + stamina that should increase your health

  5. I can buy a navy mp5 blueprint in the boa and in the DZ. But the DZ blueprint requires DT. Is the DZ bluepriny better or not?

    1. Best way to tell if the blueprint is better is if the blueprint is either lvl 30, 31, or 32. You can look at that by scrolling to the bottom of the talents.

    2. +Joey Anderson it will now show a Gear score. 184 is the old 30/31? And 204gs is 31/32. Can’t remember exactly which old level it correlates to exactly. The only items with levels still are the gear mods and weapon mods.

  6. So i finally got a gear backpack to finish my set. It ups my dps to 213k and i go to base to roll some more firearms and the 213k dps goes to 175k. Is that a glitch or something?

    1. Shoot a couple bullets then reload. Then check your dps. The number that shows their is your base dps

  7. I must not roll attributes enough. I have sentry build, some 240 gear. 204 or HE guns and only manage 190/70/12 builds…not good. I don’t get it.

    1. Accuracy is actually a good stat on XBOX, since you can’t counter sway as easily tilting a thumbstick, (not a bash on xbox) but seriously, if your crosshair is swaying in a figure-8 pattern, it’s very difficult to counter with your thumb, where on a mouse, you just fight the figure-8 as your crosshair moves.
      so accuracy is a far worse stat on PC and would lead to much more damage on XBOX. :D

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