The Division BEST ABILITY BUILD Infinite Ammo Health Double DPS GOD MODE Build



Hey guys today am going to show the best ability build you can have as a team or as a solo player basically the god Mode build that will give you Infinite Ammo, Over double damage, Infinite health.

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This article has 39 Comments

    1. +GF LaserBolt – GamerFuzion that moment when no one can think for themselves so they have to watch videos on builds instead of trying them out for themselves

    2. +shifter1242 Troll. some people watch it and other videos to see what builds have been found so far that work.

    1. +Cloudy Gamez fastest way to rank up is to do the missions with a group of randoms or friends

    1. +CubeVex are you friends with this guy??? because there is no way that someone who actually plays the divison thinks this video is good.

    2. +Cool Guy Red (Redwine) I wish I could like your comment. XD There were a good number of problems I witnessed while watching the video as well.

    1. +Connor Barnes Well at least I’m not trying to have a conversation with someone I don’t know on youtube by provoking him so…
      Oh and it’s you’re and prob. Just saying :)

    2. +nikosxi no, it’s pronounced cash when speaking English, while speaking French it is pronounced cashe

    3. +MLN Didn’t know that. How fortunate of me that a great doctor came here and diagnosed me…

  1. what about perks or talents i know one of those lets you choose up to 4 of them, which ones would go well with these skills?

  2. Math was wrong if it’s 12,000, with 50% Buff that’ll make it 18000… You said 24 which is 100% buff… That’ll be so OP lol

    1. +Wolf Hailey you do get the 100% if you Land crit hits you get on the 3rd shot. I’ll try to get some footage of it in action.

    2. +GF LaserBolt – GamerFuzion Oouu ok didn’t know you meant crit hits … Yea crit hits is automatically 100% to what you normally hit, so what you saying now makes sense

  3. Trapper smart cover=50% damage increase (can stack) vs booster shot=10% damage increase.

    Equip trapper smart cover and ammo cache instead for better DPS

    1. +jaycole217 you buy/craft mods or get them from drops. you get skills by upgrading your base of operations.

  4. “Increases the hitbox”… it increases damage output, but saying it increases a hitbox would be ridiculous. “Oh hey I can miss him, but I’m still gunna hit him”. There’s nothing anywhere in this game that suggested anything of the sort. Still found the video interesting, looks like a fun build, should really give advice on traits to use to further enhance the builds effectiveness for the viewers.

  5. What i do not like about this game in solo mode is if a player that is not even half as skilled as another guy but he has the BETTER gear and HIGHER stats(DPS.HEALTH,SKILL)
    you get destroyed by them everytime!
    So to me in that situation this game in NOT about skill but character build.
    The only time it is skill vs skill is when you play others with similar stats and in the DZ
    there is no such thing.

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