The Division. How To Create The Best Builds. DPS, Health & Skill Power. Best Build Guide



The Division. Life After 30. How To Create The Best Builds. DPS, Health & Skill Power. Build Guide. For new players or those just hitting 30. This video will give you a break down how to build your character.
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    1. +Dawson Parnell If you have it unlocked. There’s a vendor in the security wing in the very back. Can get a skin once per day

  1. There’s so much depth to this character build system. Thank you for making this video Mr. Sean!

    1. +Mesa Sean if you wait until you find the perfect piece you’re gimping yourself until that time assuming it ever comes.

    2. +Daonitre Yeah I recalibrated 2 items so far and had good results. I burned through 800 Phoenix credits on blue prints and such….so I am careful when I calibrate. 

  2. Mesa! Scavenging increases your chance at BETTER loot. Not just how much loot that drops. High scavenging=better chance of golds. No exact number, like X amount of scavenging will get you X amount of high end drops.

    1. +Max Hydro (NANO REEF) Destiny TTK has been dead since a month before sparrow racing and bungie dosent care enough to add any meaningful content since, not even paid, which id happily pay for, only shitty micro transactions. This coming from someone who LOVED destiny.

  3. Don’t forget that if you get a piece of gear at item level 31 it will most likely have better stats than a item level 30. Great video mesa!

  4. You need to worry less about your dps stat in this then you would other rpgs. for example with that hand stop, sure the number goes up but you will do less damage in reality as hip fire is garbage.

  5. you should do yourself a favor and watch datto’s theory crafting dps video as well as weapon builds – dps in division is incorrect (i’ve conducted my own experiments also). I love your videos but some of the building for your weapons is incorrect (like hip fire accuracy dps boost because nobody shoots from the hip)

  6. thanks for the tips. will be tweaking things around after work tonight. I was just playing around and have a build semi close to this. armor rating 3500, dps just shy of a thousand DPS with my high end SCAR and sitting on 45,000 health.

    1. +Daniel Gomez Thanks Daniel. I’ll have an update build before the Incursion. I am all about stamina/armor/health. I have 144K DPS, 95K Health and 15K skill power. Gettin there!

    1. +Nucleareagles Great set up. but the DPS is a little low. 102 health is great with 20K skill. Try to get the DPS up if you can.

    2. +Roger Bower 102K DPS is too low IMO. To hard to kill things at 102K.  My new build before the incursion will be up in a few hours.

    3. +Mesa Sean I got my dps up to 111k and my health up to 118k. My skill power dropped to 13k though but it was a good sacrifice.

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