The Division – *NEW* 200K DPS, 100K HEALTH, & 40K SKILL POWER BUILD



The Division DPS, tank, & skill power best character build.

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    1. He got all that gear by exploits. It’s not legit…now you got guys like this running around the dark zone with average players with way lower gear scores and it’s crazy unbalanced. Fucking glitchers

    1. +Melvin James but if you check the drops they will all be 191 gs unless they’re from falcon lost, so no not anything is possible in this case

    2. +Alex absolutely….way to go bootlegging the game I have 4 240 pieces from 4 weeks of doing challenge mode….

    3. +Daryus P yeah we could all do that if we had your build if we exploited the glitch!

    1. a whole bunch, he got so good at cheesing he has a video of himself cheesing it solo. 😂

  1. Where do you get the 240 rated armor from? I haven’t even seen that in game…..

  2. I have a similar build only difference my health is at 92k, nice build though.

  3. Your videos are never legitimate. You bait it like you have those stats permanently.. Of course you don’t. Some people do have it, but you trade a sentry build so you can get the 40k skill power at full tactician buff, ( which is being de-buffed). This build isn’t bad, but there aren’t ways to get these stats permanently. I’m just annoyed because you did the same thing with the 500k dps build.. Ps that Aug is trash, deconstruct it.

    1. +Darius 男の子 too right I’m salty. It’s people like him that use click bait content, and hide the real decent content that you were actually searching for.

    2. At least somebody other than me can see this. I hate how he click baits and brags lol

  4. daryus p can we play sometime i have 242k dps 97k health and 15k skillpower please i love your videos

  5. no wonder I don’t even shoot my gun anymore can’t even hurt anyone with it sticky build 4 life

    1. Base of Operations was selling Level 31 Prototype Blueprints like 197 Phoenix Credits apiece and max at 143. DZ has Level 32 Blueprints which max at 161 for like 264k dz credits. I have 2 Mods on each Vest, Mask, and Backpack, 1 mod on Holster and Knee pads. I do this just to adjust to unlock all talents per gun.

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