The Division Ultimate TANK BUILD 1.3 | 700K Toughness W/100% Health Regen | Never Die Again in DZ



I’m giving away The division season pass for All 3 platform of your choice (xbox one, Ps4 and PC )
This is International Giveaway. I’m going to do more giveaways. For the folks who subscribe to Just4Fun Channel and giving so much love and support

You just have to do following things:
1)Like our page JUST4FUNwithCJ
2)Tag two of your gamer friends and share (public) this post.
3)Subscribe to JUST4FUN Channel and comment on this post and comment on this video. Which version (Ps4,Xbox, PC) you want, why you deserve this giveaway

"One guy who not get any like on his comment would got special prize"
Ends July 23th for Xbox one, PC and PS4 ends on July 31st

Happy gaming…..

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    1. Waiting 10 seconds for you to turn 180° makes me want to punch someone in the throat.

  1. CJ i think i deserve this because ive been with you since 1k and i find all your videos entertaining and informative

  2. what about talents I am running tank build to i have 634k toughness and 13k skill and 105k dps I need tank build talents idk any good tank talents

    1. +Cristos Ortega look for gear that have high armor once you have enough go to character and scroll down to survivalbility and check on armor once it says 75% then recalibrate it to stamina or firearms whatever you want to use.

    2. +Cristos Ortega no problem and one thing ill add if you do that make sure armor is focused more on your chest piece knee pads and backpack the other three either add more armor to be more tanky it firearms for more damage or power for skills that’s how I see it and I’m doing pretty well solo and alto better with a group.

  3. where can I get those gear set and high end is it better to farm or make via blurprint what’s different with making blurprint and the drop

  4. do you still play this game also for ps4 ,if yes mi psn is spaceworld_1981 i’m new and need help building a pve and pvp crazy build

    1. TheURFG patch 1.3. The 268 gear set items are equivalent to 229 gear but prior to 1.4 gear set items had a raised gearscore

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